The danger of the Fake News

In the middle of the digital age which already has become a reality that most societies live day by day, the immediacy that provides social networks bring as many advantages as disadvantages. Denominated fake news is a phenomenon of the new technological platforms and can be summarized as content or publications with false information that... Leer más →


What is Herpes Zoster or Shingles?

Herpes zoster (or shingles) is a disease caused by the virus “varicella zoster” which after causing varicella in the people, is inactive soon in the nerves. After decades, usually in people older of 50 years, or due to the weakening of the immune system by immunosuppressive medications (eg. corticoids, tacrolimus, etc.), diseases (eg. HIV/AIDS) or... Leer más →

Is safe your home? How to prevent intoxications at home

Home is synonymous with tranquillity and security, nevertheless is a site where frequently the events associated to the use or manipulation of potentially toxic substances appear, according to national and international statistics, the main number of the reported intoxications happens at home, being the children and the older adults more involved, the prevention is fundamental.... Leer más →

Major problems of emergency plans

Planning for emergencies and disasters is a requirement and responsibility of governments and organizations. Despite advances in legislation and the existence of guidelines, the plans present problems that seriously limit their effectiveness in a time of crisis. Although the ideal objective of a plan is to reduce the risk and impact generated by threats (eg... Leer más →

Impact and handling emotional at work in emergency situations

To understand the role of emotions in the contexts of emergencies and disasters, it is important to frame emotions as social phenomena subjective, biological and intentional. The corporal stimulation is the response to the physiological activations that prepare the body for the action of the motor response, the social-expressive makes reference to the verbal expression... Leer más →

Operation rescue in the “End of the World”

On the afternoon of May 4, a British citizen disappeared in the area of ​​the End of the World cascade in Mocoa - Putumayo; the young man of approximately 24 years, left alone the hostel where he was staying towards the cascade, his behaviour seemed a little disoriented and possibly had consumed psychoactive substances (according... Leer más →

The “real” scope of the planning instruments

Perhaps one of the elements that has been less talked about and more relevant during the contingency of the largest hydroelectric project in the country, Hidroituango, is the Emergency Action Plan, an instrument popularly known as a Contingency Plan. Law 1523 of 2012 (which adopts the National Disaster Risk Management Policy and establishes the National... Leer más →

Systematization Integral Response Unit

The UIR is called this way for its 3 principles components that are: Support in rescue Support in health Support in psychological intervention To see all the systematization, click here Created by: Mireya Gutierrez   If you have any question or comment about this article, please write us to: 

Guajira Operation

From 23 of March and during the first two weeks of April, the following actions on the part of the Colombian Red Cross District Cundinamarca and Bogotá were made in Guajira: (1) technical support to the Red Cross District Guajira within the framework of the implementation of the project of own modality; (2) medical support... Leer más →

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